• Thank You to Winchester Cattle Co., St. Ambroise, MB and Wayzata, MN for purchasing RSK 69T Miss Tamara 18W

RSK 69T MISS TAMARA 18W P C02926949
Tattoo: ARSK 18W

Second opportunities don't come along often. When asked to be a part of the sale I decided not to pass it up, so here is your second chance to own a great Traveler daughter, 1/2 sister to the 2009 RSK Agribition Sale pick. Here is a calf that also exhibits that sweet, clean feminine front end that continues right into a long deep barrel with hind end to boot. 18W`s dam is a powerhouse cow that has raised the top calves in the herd including RSK 33L Robyn 27R, RSK 33L Sin City 15S, and RSK Miss Tamara 23U. We don't need to tell you what Traveler has acomplished in the past few years and we know that it is just going to get better as time goes on. This mating will give you powerfull and consistent offspring that will do great in the show ring and make you money!

• Sire: HARVIE TRAVELER 69T P C02895589
• Dam: HAROLDSON'S 37H TAMARA 73L P C02790696


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