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RSK 6U Miss Sage 64Y{DLF IEF HYF}
REG# C02956528

Sold to HiCliffe Farms, Sk for $7500.00

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Right from a newborn calf I was telling everyone how great RSK 4L Miss Sage 64Y was and how awesome she was going to be. Let me tell you, she has not let us down. This female has been loved by everyone that looks at her and turns heads everywhere she has been. Quite possibly one of the best females ever raised at RSK Farms.

RSK 4L Miss Sage 64Y is a visually stunning female, fancy in her make up and as sound as they come. Not only is RSK 64Y easy on the eyes, but she is a high volume female with a great quarter wrapped up in a beautiful moderate frame.

To top it all off she is safe in calf to an early service by TH Victor 719T. Imagine the possibilities with this mating. There is no doubt in my opinion that RSK 64Y will become a matron female and donor for her new owner.  Terms to be announced.

2012 WHC Class Winner and Res. Junior Champion Yearling

2011 CWA Class Winner



(4) Four Grade A Full-Sib Embryo’s to RSK 64Y
RSK Down Under 6U{DLF IEF HYF} X

Check out RSK 64Y and imagine the opportunity to get a full sib to her, or more. I am certain that this mating will continue to impress. We believe in this mating so much that we flushed RSK 23S twice to RSK Down Under 6U this past summer.

Sold to QUE for $600.00 x 4

Agribition Lot: Exportable in North America

RSK 03 0047
Down Under 6U
RSK 4L Sage 23S



Selling Choice on Walk Hard Heifer Calves.
I believe in giving our buyers the opportunity to choose, especially in this case, when I cannot pick which heifer calf I like the best. It changes every day. Their full sister, RSK 154U Miss Tamara 8X was purchased in last year’s CWA Sale by Clay Ent., Wapalla, SK. RSK 8X has matured out into a great female with a tremendous udder and great style. Her first bull calf will be a bull sale feature this spring.

These heifers will be very competitive next year when Bonanza comes to Brandon, MB. We would be happy to work with the new owner to get them there.

RSK 154U Miss Tamara 23Z{DLF IEF HYF}       Tattoo: ARSK 23Z
Reg# C02969444

Sold to Brendale Acres, ON for $5250.00

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In my opinion RSK 23Z is the fancier female, equipped with all the goods that she needs. She has countless expression of muscle, great barrel and spring of rib. Very nice fronted with good pigment.

RSK 154U Miss Tamara 28Z{DLF IEF HYF}       Tattoo: ARSK 28Z
REG# C02969445 

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This girl should not be passed over. RSK 28Z has tremendous length and a sweet front, with incredible shape and muscling over her top and quarter. She is as sound as her sister and just as impressive.


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