RSK Bull Sale Results

Thank You to all of the commercial and purebred breeders that supported us buying and bidding at the 2013 Cattleman’s Classic Bull Sale. The pure interest and support in our program was overwhelming. Also a special thank you goes out to our friends, family and our crew for a great day. RSK Farms Polled Hereford bulls averaged $3244.00.

Lot 37 – RSK 719T Yuma 24Z – Sold to Thornbank Farms, Dean Buchanan, Crystal City, MB $5000.00

Lot 28 – RSK 154U Zac Brown ET 30Z – Sold to CJ Bujold Farms, Fort Frances, ON $4000.00

Lot 31 – RSK 7W Zoomer ET 21Z – Sold to LeSann Land and Cattle Co., Joel LaSann, The Pas, MB $3600.00

Lot 27 – RSK 154U Zeus ET 20Z – Sold to LeSann Land and Cattle Co., Joel LaSann, The Pas, MB $3300.00

As a result of the Decision Deferred bulls not being offered in the sale, RSK Farms will be re-testing in a few weeks. The few bulls that were decision deferred are for sale by private treaty and are SRSK 4Z, ARSK 5Z, RSK 29Z and ARSK 65Z. They will be fully guaranteed by RSK Farms as breeders.

I strongly urge you to take a look and see if anything would fit your program. There are some great heifer bulls that were left at home due to the semen test. If we at RSK Farms cam be of any assistance please give us a call. We would be happy to talk with you and discuss the bulls.

Once again Thanks for a great sale and stay tuned to what is to come for this season.

You are invited to stop buy and tour the farm during the 2013 Canadian Junior National Hereford Show in Brandon, MB. Cattle will be on display for our first internet female and embryo sale to be held Oct 24th – 28th. We look forward to visiting with you.

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Bulls Sale News from RSK Farms

Hello fellow cattleman,

Wow are we here at RSK Farms getting excited for the upcoming Cattleman’s Classic Bull Sale. Be sure sure to join us on March 24th in Virden, MB at Heartland Livestock Yard at 1:00PM. There will be over 90 bulls on offer, includeing 19 Polled Hereford Bulls from RSK Farms.

Our bull pen represents some of the best proven and upcoming genetics from the breeds best, coupled with our consistent, maternal and functional cow herd. We believe it is our best bull pen ever! You can be assured that the quality will run deep in this offering, you will not be disapointed.

Check out the bulls at:

As always if you have any questions or would like to tour through the bulls, don’t hesitate to contact us. We would be happy to do so.

Also congratulations to Nathan Bujold. He was the lucky winner of a $200.00 sale credit to be used on a RSK bull at the sale. He entered at our 2013 MB Ag Days display. Thanks for your support and interest in our program.


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Welcome to the NEW RSK Farms Blog Connection

Welcome to the new RSK Farms Blog Connection. This will be another great way to stay informed on all things RSK. This will be the first place to see and hear all the great news from RSK Farms. It will be the first place to hear big sales news, to see up to the minute show results and view all the interesting farms news from RSK Farms. Please check out the past posts and feel free to comment.

Please stay tuned as I will be posting all the information about the 2013 Cattleman’s Classic Bull Sale. The pictures and videos from the RSK bull pen have been uploaded to the website and if you need anymore info or have any questions on a bull please contact us, especially if you want a bull sale catalog.

Untill next post,


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What and exciting and rewarding fall

Wow, what and exciting and rewarding fall it has been for us here at RSK Farms. The show season has been extremely strong and the interest in our program has been greatly appreciated. We enjoy taking cattle out and talking with our friends and peers, it is my favorite part.

Some of this falls main highlights include:

RSK 154U Miss Tamara ET 28Z
2012 MLE Little Lady Classic Champion Overall Breeds
2012 MLE 2nd in Class
2012 CWA Class Winner

RSK 154U Miss Tamara ET 23Z
2012 MLE Res Champion Heifer Calf and Class Winner
2012 MLE POD
Sold to Brendale Acres, ON in 2012 CWA Sale

RSK 6U Miss Sage 64Y
2012 CWA Class Winner and First Lady Classic Class Winner
2012 MLE Res Champion Yearling Heifer and 2nd in Class
Sold to Hi-Cliffe Farms, SK in 2012 CWA Sale

RSK 7W Big Bang ET 19Z
2012 CWA 2nd in Class
2012 MHA Good as Gold Sale High Selling Bull Calf
Sold to McNabb Farms, Stratton, ON in 2012 MHA Good as Gold Sale
We would like to thank all of the people who showed an interest in our program, whether buying or bidding. Your support was greatly overwhelming and appreciated. Also a big thank you to our wonderful crew that came out with us this fall, good job.
RSK was very fortunate to have had Mads Lindemann from Denmark join us for about a week before and during the Good as Gold sale. Mads was very helpful in getting the sale cattle ready and got to do some clipping and fitting with us during his stay. His stay was a fun time and I hope he can come back. Thanks Bud.
I would like to remind everyone about the new opportunity to acquire RSK Hereford Bulls this spring. We will be consigning to the Cattleman’s Classic Bull Sale in Virden, MB on March 24th. It will be a mixed breed offering with Charolais, Simmental, Angus and RSK Farms Hereford Bulls. Mark your calendar and watch the website for all of the bull sale offerings. We will have pictures and videos up near the end of January. If you have any question fell free to give us a call or even better, stop in to see the offering.
We hope that the holiday season is good and that everyone has time to spend it with family and friends.
Happy Holidays from RSK Farms.
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Fall News from RSK Farms

Well we are back home and enjoying some well-deserved rest and sleep after the 2012 Manitoba Livestock Expo. It was a very great time and I would firstly like to acknowledge all the organizers and exhibitors for one of the best MLE shows in a while. Entries were up and enthusiasm was strong, so it was really nice to see.

RSK Farms had a very great showing and we were extremely pleased with how hard our crew worked. Thanks to everyone that helped to make our week great.

RSK 154U Miss Tmara ET 28Z
2012 MLE Little Lady Classic Champion over all Breeds

RSK 154U Miss Tamara 8X
2012 MLE Reserve Champion Female

4 heifer calfs in champion heifer class Hard working crew
Show Highlights Include
RSK 154U Miss Tamara ET 28Z was named the 2012 Little Lady Classic Champion (all breeds) and Champion Hereford. She was 2nd in class in the Hereford show (behind her flush mate sister) and part of the Champion Progeny of Dam. RSK 28Z will sell choice with her flush mate sister, at the CWA National Hereford Sale Nov 22nd.
Picture of 28Z
RSK 154U Miss Tamara ET 23Z was a class winner in the Herefords show and named Reserve Champion Heifer Calf. She was also part of the Champion Progeny of Dam. RSK 23Z will sell choice with her flush mate sister, at the CWA National Hereford Sale Nov 22nd.
Picture of 23Z
RSK 6U Miss Sage 64Y was named Reserve Champion Yearling. RSK 64Y will sell in the CWA National Hereford Sale Nov 22nd. RSK Farms will be retaining a flush. Also selling will be full sibling embryos.
Picture of 64Y
RSK 154U Miss Tamara 8X was named Reserve Champion Female and Reserve Champion 2yr old cow. She is a full sister to RSK 23Z and RSK 28Z. Her RSK 17S Archer 59X bull calf was 2nd in class. RSK 8X is co-owned with Clay Ent, who also had a successful show exhibiting the Champion Hereford Bull and Supreme Champion Bull. Congratulations guys.
Picture of 8X
RSK 7W Miss Vicki 17Z was 2nd in class behind RSK 719T Miss Alexandria 8Z, and will sell in the Good as Gold Sale Dec 6th. Also selling will be RSK 7W Big Bang ET 19Z who was 3rd in class behind the Res. Bull Calf.  Full sibling embryos to RSK 19Z will also sell.

RSK Farms was also named the 2012 Premier Breeder and Exhibitor. We can’t wait to get to Regina and visit with all of our fellow breeders and friends.
Andrew Kopeechuk
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RSK Farms Fall Sale Opportunities

As many of you know, RSK Farms is a family run mixed farm with a strong devotion to the Hereford industry. At the moment we do not run a big enough quantity of livestock to support an annual sale, but what we do have is a small to medium sized purebred herd with tremendous quality.

We have had a very exciting fall. Harvest was completed before September 1st, and halter breaking is in full swing. Everyone has been on their game and ready for the fall run. We are very excited about our fall offerings and believe that they are the best we have ever offered.

RSK Farms has an elite set of females and genetics for the 2012 Agribition National Sale and the 2012 MHA Good as Gold Sale. These lots are from the heart of our herd and we are very proud of them and believe that they will not only be practical, functional females that will increase profits, but will also be competitive in the show ring. Also on offer will be a very elite set of embryos that will complement the live lots that we have on offer.

We invite you to take a look and see us at the stalls in Brandon, MB at MLE and of course Regina, SK at Agribition. If at any time you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact us.

Click here to take a look at our current sales…

Right to Left: RSK 64Y, RSK 23Z, RSK 28Z, RSK 17Z

With over 25 years in the business and a long time to come yet, we will grow and continue to expand our herd providing quality livestock to the industry. You can also count on customer service that is honest and informed.
Stay tuned later in the fall for an exciting new opportunity to acquire a RSK Bull this spring!

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RSK Farms WHC and MHA Field Day

RSK Farms WHC and MHA Field Day
What a time to be a Hereford breeder! With all of the meetings, tours and shows complete and still fresh in our minds, I really look forward to what is next to come. I would like to applaud the hard work and time that went into the event from everyone that was involved. We certainly had a great time and enjoyed meeting new and old friends along the way. Congratulations to the CHA for a wonderful event!
At RSK Farms, our planning for the WHC and MHA Field Day started about 2 years ago at the Manitoba Annual Meetings, by volunteering to host the 2012 MB Field Day. Hosting a post tour stop and promoting MB Herefords was a great opportunity for everyone involved.
Excluding all the planning that was involved our WHC trip started on July 10th at about 10:30PM. We drove through the night and made it to Olds were we rested the cattle and ourselves until Sunday morning when the cattle went into the Olds Ag Society. Thank You to Cole and Jill and all the Harvie Ranching crew for the hospitality. The show in Olds was top shelf and the facilities were amazing. The amount of people watching and involved in the event sure makes for a positive outlook in the industry. We were very impressed by the amount of people that came by the stall to look at the string and chat about Herefords and our program. A major highlight in the show was RSK 6U Miss Sage 64Y bred by RSK Down Under 6U. She was a class winner and named Reserve Junior Yearling Champion Female.
Our trip back home started Wednesday night at about 6:30PM. I made it home in good time with 2 days left to finish setting up for the field day. RSK farms played host to just over 125 head of Hereford cattle as well as just over 200 guests throughout the day, including about 70 international guests from: New Zealand, Australia, Germany, Denmark, UK, England, Switzerland, South Africa, Uruguay, Ireland and USA.
RSK Farms displayed the Reserve Champion 2 yr old female with RSK 154U Miss Tamara 8X owned with Clay Ent., as well as the Reserve Champion Yearling Female with RSK 4L Miss Princess 1Y. We had a small group of ET calves on display as well. We were very fortunate and proud to be able to host this event and show the world what MB Herefords are made of as well as to promote some RSK genetics.
To everyone that helped out at home to get ready for this event, I thank you very much. It would have not been a successful event without your hard work. Also to all the sponsors for their contributions to event, it was greatly appreciated.
Stay tuned for what is next to come from RSK Farms. There will be some exciting offerings and opportunities this fall. Also for any Juniors that are needing Junior Heifers for Bonanza, feel free to stop by and take a look, or watch the RSK website, we would be pleased to work with you on any inquiry. The Junior National is in Brandon next year only 7 miles from the farm. We would be happy to tour you around the operation.
Andrew Kopeechuk
Decorating the tent for

the Field Day
Early morning Registration Full tent just

before supper
More planting pots

for decoration
Our international

friends riding in style
Our stay at Harvie Ranching
Loading up to head to Olds
One of the many

visitors to the stall
Feeding time! Our interactive display area
Hard at work! The guest auctioneer

David Phelan from Australia
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